Direct Dyes Manufacturer

Manufactured Direct Dyes are widely used for the production of yarns and fabrics, and used on cotton, paper, leather, wool, silk and nylon. If you are searching for Direct Dyes then you are at the right place Direct Dyes Manufacturer is recognized manufacturer and supplier of huge range of Direct Dyes. Direct Dye is a class of dyestuffs that are applied directly to the substrate in a neutral or alkaline bath. Direct dyes are generally economical and effortlessly applied, and they can give way bright colours. The direct dye is the class of dyestuff which is used directly to the substrate in the alkaline or neutral bath. They create full shapes on linen and cotton without mordanting and can also be useful to silk, wool or rayon. It gives bright colors but exhibits poor wash.

Direct Blacks
Sr. Product Name   C.I. Generic Name Shade No.
1 Direct Black VSF600 Direct Black 22
2 Direct Black OB Direct Black 80
3 Direct Black BH NB Direct Black 165
5 Direct Paper Black NB Direct Black 170
Direct Blues
1 Direct Sky Blue FB Direct Blue 1
2 Direct Sky Blue FF Direct Blue 15
3 Direct Fast Blue GLL Direct Blue 71
4 Direct Fast Blue 2RLL Direct Blue 80
5 Direct Fast Sky Blue 7GLL Direct Blue 218
6 Direct Blue 2B / 2N Direct Blue 67
Direct Browns
1 Direct Fast Brown M Direct Brown 494
2 Direct Fast Brown N Direct Brown 422
3 Direct Fast Brown MN Direct Brown MN
4 Direct Sun Fast Golden Brown SD Direct Brown 44
Direct Greens
1 Direct Fast Green BLL Direct Green 26
2 Direct Fast Green 2BN Direct Green 96
Direct Oranges
1 Direct Orange TGLL Direct Orange 34
2 Direct Orange TGLL Direct Orange 39
3 Direct Fast Orange SE Direct Orange 26
4 Direct Viscose Orange A Direct Orange 108
5 Direct Fast Orange WS Direct Orange 102
6     Direct Orange 72
Direct Reds
1 Direct Fast Scarlet 4BS Direct Red 23
2 Direct Fast Scarlet 6BS Direct Red 239
3 Direct Fast Red 12B Direct Red 31
4 Direct Light Fast Red BLN Direct Red 80
5 Direct Fast Red 5BL / 5B Direct Red 81
6 Direct Light Fast Red 6BL Direct Red 79
7 Direct Rose RR Direct Red 227
Direct Yellows
1 Direct Lemon Yellow 6G / CFG Direct Yellow 8
2 Direct Fast Yellow RR Direct Yellow 28
3 Direct Golden Yellow 3RL Direct Yellow 34
4 Direct Fast Lemon Yellow 5GLL Direct Yellow 44
5 Direct Fast Yellow RSLW Direct Yellow 50
6 Direct Fast Sun Yellow RCH Direct Yellow 99
7 Direct Fast Yellow RL Direct Yellow 86
8 Direct Fast Yellow ARL Direct Yellow 106
9 Direct Fast Yellow   Direct Yellow 107
10 Direct Fast Yellow CDN Direct Yellow 118
11 Direct Yellow   Direct Yellow 120
12 Direct Yellow   Direct Yellow 132
13 Direct Fast Yellow PG Direct Yellow 142
Direct Violets
1 Direct Violet MB Direct Violet 9
2 Direct Fast Violet Helio B Direct Violet 51
3 Direct Brillent Violet Helio 2R Direct Violet 7
4 Direct Violet SB Direct Violet 31
5 Direct Violet BLY Direct Violet 35

Direct Dyes Exporter India

With a good review of local and domestic market, we have extended our business to other countries of Africa, Asia, Europe and USA. We possess long list of pleased client in so many countries like Oman, Bahrain, Kenya, and morocco, Malaysia, China, Indonesia, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. Our premium quality direct dyes are preferably used in textile industry of foreign counties. We are popular as chief direct dyes exporter India.

Direct Dyes Supplier In Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad was identified as Manchester of India in last millennium. Gujarat is one of the largest cotton producing states of India. There is good development of textile industry in Gujarat. Our qualitative range of direct dyes is highly demanded in textile industries across nation. We are considered as major direct dyes supplier in ahmedabad.